Ruinas refugio cierto por fin hacia el cual de tan lejos tras tanta falsedad. Lejanos sin fin tierra cielo confundidos sin un ruido nada móvil. Rostro gris azul claro cuerpo pequeño corazón latiendo solo en pie. Apagado abierto cuatro lados a contracorriente refugio cierto sin salida (…)

Completo en De otros mundos: Beckett / Sin.

” The minimal artwork can therefore never be a perfect whole, a complete miniature, or a distilled essence. Nor is it simply the art of the negative, a nihilistic statement, a pure vindication of nothingness. The minimalist stance is an affirmative one. By capitalising on the residual, the decaying, the vanishing, the minimal artwork affirms the almost nothing, the barely present, the something that resists annihilation. The processes of abstraction, repetition and homogenisation that permeate Beckett’s art, like that of his minimalist contemporaries, invariably unleash equal, opposite forces of subtraction, difference and heterogeneity.”